Individual Chess Pieces


Individual Chess Pieces

Individual chess pieces are now available to order directly from our site, so if are looking for spares, such as a spare queen or you have a damaged or missing item then help is at hand. We do our best to keep chess pieces in stock from the numerous sets that have been produced since 1969.

Over the years the processes and materials have changed and therefore, so have the colours and we believe that it is important, where possible, to match the colours as best as we can. This is why we request you to send images from the set you require and ask you to let us know your best guess as to the age of your set.

While sorting through our many pieces and checking them against the images you send is labour intensive we have tried our best to keep our costs to a minimum.

Coming soon. We are working very hard to upload all our wonderful products to this brand new, modern, responsive website. Please check again soon or contact us for information.