Edward I Penny Reproduction Coin

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"Information On The Original Coin:
The penny was minted in silver at the London mint and belongs to class 9B. The inscriptions on this facsimile coin's face read EDWR ANGL DNS HYB, which translates to Edward King of England Lord of Ireland. The reverse side of the coin carries the inscription CIVITAS LONDON, meaning City of London, indicating the name of the mint.

Information On The Coins Commissioner:
Edward I, also known as England's aggressive king, achieved various milestones during his reign. He successfully annexed Wales, resulting in his son being titled the Prince of Wales. Edward I also took significant measures such as banishing Jews from England and ending a war with France. His ambitions didn't stop there, as he shifted his focus to Scotland. Edward I played a pivotal role in settling the Scottish succession dispute. However, his conquest of Scotland faced resistance, notably from William Wallace and later Robert Bruce. Bruce, crowned in 1306, ultimately managed to free Scotland from English rule.

Product Material:
Cast from fine English lead free pewter, then antique finished.