James VI Half-Crown Reproduction Coin

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"Information On The Original Coin:
This facsimile coin was made of gold and minted at the Edinburgh mint, identifiable by the thistle mint mark. The inscriptions on the face of the coin read ID G ROSA SINE SPINA, which translates to James by the grace of God a rose without a thorn. The reverse side of the coin carries the words TUEATUR UNITA DEUS, implying May God guard these united kingdoms.

Information On The Coins Commissioner:
James VI ascended to the Scottish throne when he was just a year old, following his mother's abdication in 1567. His mother, Queen Mary, was executed in England in 1587. In a twist of fate, upon Queen Elizabeth's death in 1603, James VI inherited the English throne and is historically known as James VI and I. With this, he became the first King of England from the House of Stuart, uniting the crowns of Scotland and England.

Product Material:
Cast from fine English lead free pewter, then plated in 22 carat gold.