Premium Travel Brass Noughts & Crosses Game: Compact Wooden Box Set

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Travel Brass Noughts & Crosses Game in Wooden Box

Improve your on-the-go entertainment with our Travel Brass Noughts & Crosses Game, thoughtfully encased in a custom wooden box.

Designed to keep people engaged and entertained while travelling, our compact game kit is both luxurious and functional.

Crafted with precision, the brass pieces provide a tactile experience that adds a layer of uniqueness to this classic game. The wooden box offers serves as a protective casing for the brass pieces as well as the playing board when opened.

Box Dimensions:

  • Closed: 116mm x 116mm x 25mm
  • Open: 235mm x 116mm x 13mm

Piece Dimensions:

  • Width : 25mm

This travel-size game is not just a game, but an art piece.