Mary Queen of Scots Threepence Reproduction Coin

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"Information On The Original Coin:
The Gold Portrait Ryal, also known as the Mary Queen of Scots Three Pound Piece, was a coin minted only for a span of three years and held a value equivalent to sixty shillings. The face of this facsimile coin bears the inscription ""MARIA DEL G. SCOTOR REGINA"", which translates to ""Mary by the grace of God Queen of Scots"". The reverse side of the coin showcases the phrase ""IUSTUS FIDE VIVIT 1557"", meaning ""the Just Man Lives by Faith"".

Information On The Coins Commissioner:
Mary Stuart, commonly known as Mary Queen of Scots, was only an infant, not even a year old, when she ascended to the throne as the Queen of Scots following her father's demise in 1542. Her reign was marked by numerous challenges, and she went through three marriages. After facing a series of complications, she abdicated the throne in 1567, passing it to her young son, James VI. Mary's involvement in plots against her cousin, Elizabeth I of England, led to her imprisonment. The culmination of her tragic life came with her execution at Fotheringhay in Northamptonshire in the year 1587. Interestingly, her son James would later ascend to the English throne in 1603, becoming James I King of England, after the passing of Elizabeth I.

Product Material:
Cast from fine English lead free pewter, then plated in 22 carat gold.